Music Promotion Online – Essential Tips to Viral Internet Music Fakaza

Music Promotion Online – Essential Tips to Viral Internet Music Fakaza

It’s something you should know as an independent musician. Today, online marketing is the best way for you to promote your music. Major signed artists are doing this, with some players going so far as to release an album exclusively in digital format.

In a lengthy telephone conversation, a friend and associate who is also the president of a large independent record label reported that digital music sales have now reached 50%. It means that soon, there won’t be any physical products. This will boost the budget for independent artists as they won’t have to pay for CD pressing or manufacturing. You will be able to distribute your music much more easily Fakaza.

This is the end of my story. You should spend the most time, effort and money online promoting your music. Internet music publicity should be pursued in a greater proportion than traditional print publicity. Take a look at the number of print magazines and newspapers going out-of-business today, or switching to an online version. It’s true, we have to face the truth: If you aren’t on the Internet bandwagon yet for promoting your music and marketing it, you should get on board quickly. Today, it is essential to stay in touch with your fan base in every way possible. Do not wait for them to reach out to you.

These are just a few ways that independent artists can promote their music, music careers, and stay connected with their fans in the digital age.

Para Social Relationships Online

Set up a presence on social networking sites for yourself or your band. While a myspace page is essential, it’s not enough. Your fans and potential fans should be kept informed by you using social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. You should also be active in the music forums relevant to your genre. This is a great way to interact with your fans by setting up meet and greets through these Internet portals.

Official Band Website or Artist Blog

Important is your official website for the band or artist. It should be professionally designed and consistent with your artist image. This page is your online home. It should be regularly updated. It should include a news page and a press page. An audio page should also be included. These pages should be regularly updated with new news, clips, music, and other information. Interactive functionality should be available on your homepage to allow fans to interact with you and place comments. You can also keep your fans updated with a blog. A blog allows fans to subscribe via RSS Feed so that all your posts are delivered immediately to their computers. Very powerful.

Online Press Kit, Publicity

An online press kit is also known as an EPK (Electronic Press Kit), and it’s a promotion tool that every artist or band should own, regardless if they already have a digital or print press kit. You can quickly send information and music samples to venues and agents as well as fans to promote your music.

Widgets — A Big One

As I write this article widgets are a new way to promote online music. However, if they are used properly, they can be an extremely powerful form of viral Internet marketing. A widget is simply a digital photo of your profile. It can contain streaming music or downloadable media, publicity, etc. This widget allows you to collect email addresses from your fans. The widget code must be placed on every website. This includes the official site, as well as as as many social websites, including your myspace. Widgets have the advantage of allowing fans to download the widget from your site and then place it on their website. This allows them to spread the word to many more people. Registering on a site like will allow you to receive your widgets absolutely free. Is Viral Music Marketing starting to make sense?

Emailing List

Although I shouldn’t have to, most artists I meet in their early stages of development still don’t understand it. It is important that all websites have an electronic email sign-up module. It is vital to collect your fans’ and potential fans’ email addresses, and then store them in a database for distribution. You will be amazed at what you can do using this mailing list. Anounce show details to bring out more fans. Send out new information or publicity announcements, announce new CD releases, and broadcast contest details. Artists, major or minor, should have a digital mail list.

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